This week was my first real big week of writing news for VG247 since starting full time last month.

It had seen five big events happen in the same week (or four, really). Financials, a massive gaming event and the first trailer of a massive game in nearly over a year turned out to be financials, a massive gaming event and a media blowout for an RPG.

  • Monday

Monday was actually quite normal. Quiet afternoon and very slow. And then I remembered: EA’s Q3 FY11 financials. At the time, I thought nothing as much of it.

But come 9:30 when the results came, BANG!

Epic shooter, Dead Space 2, Need for Speed and new Dragon Age out Q4 FY11, says EA
APB, Medal of Honor confirmed for July-September 2010
Crysis 2, Need for Speed confirmed for EA’s Q3 2011
“Something far-reaching coming” for Mass Effect next year, says EA
FIFA 10 sells 9.7 million units LtD
Dead Space 2 console-only, says EA Q3 release

And that was just for one event obviously. But it really does come at you like a gunshot.

  • Tuesday

Tuesday seen the Ubisoft Q3 FY11 financials, but that was a non-event, bar one for two things. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened. There was a new Ghost Recon in Future Soldier announced. First revealed as a 360 title, it’s also coming to PS3 and PC, as confirmed to me a couple of hours after the intital announcement.

And LA Noire was announced for fall after so long without hearing anything on it for three years. Jesus…

  • Wednesday

BIG BOBBY! Wednesday seen how much more big Bobby Kotick had become since the launch of Modern Warfare 2 in November.

Before that, though, the reviews of Heavy Rain came pouring in (no pun intended). They were mostly positive. Like I said, mostly. Me personally, I am looking forward to it. The demo was fantastic, as was Farenheit, so this will be quite an excellent title to play from Quantic Dream. Can’t wait to pick up my Collector’s Edition in two weeks time.

But then came Activision. And it blew its load big time. New Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Tony Hawk due out by the end of the year. Unsurprisingly.

But of course the biggest news of the night came when it was finally confirmed the closed beta of Starcraft II would be coming by the end of this month. To add on top of that, it was announced the game would also be downloadable from 2.0. Now I’m no PC gamer. I’ve always preferred the consoles to the PC, and I don’t have powerful enough hardware to run most of the PC game I’d like to play anyways on the desktop (which is fucked anyways)

But if my laptop can run Starcraft II, from which I am hoping it will, I will buy it. And hearing most Blizzard software will run on basic hardware, I am hoping it’s the same for my laptop.

  • Thursday

So what would have been a busy late-Thursday night as it would have been with the release of the January NPD, with intital software figures of Mass Effect 2 and the first hardware battle of the year, X10 came rolling in after an intital announcement of the event two weeks earlier.

Information started trickling out about an hour before the event was due to get under way. Catch up on everything, and I mean everything, we wrote up on X10 here.

But the main highlights were obviously official confirmations of dates for the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta and Dead Rising 2, both down for May 3 and September 3 respectively.

But the big highlight for me, as much as I am looking forward to Reach, was the announcement of the release date of Alan Wake. I’ll be honest, I only got excited for it when they did the re-reveal back in October 2008, but it has become my most wanted game of this year now (yes, people will point out Final Fantasy XIII to me and Mass Effect, but I now have the import and ME2, so it wouldn’t be fair, obviously).

May 21 can’t come soon enough.

Then came NPD time. Wii beat everyone, 360 beat PS3. Mass Effect 2 was beaten by New Super Mario Bros in software.

Everyone’s a winner.

  • Friday

There was still stuff coming out of X10 like new videos, shots and shit. Molyneux didn’t manage to piss of anyone like we all he was going to with Fable III. Let down.

On the plus side, there was a new God of War III trailer. Impressive stuff, young ones.

And two new bundles for Final Fantasy XIII for 360 were announced for Europe.  120Gb Elite and 250Gb “Super Elite” bundles were coming. At first, I was like I want to get one, but I can’t. Already have a 20Gb 360.

But then, a 250Gb upgrade? With FFXIII art? Okay, worth the upgrade. I’m game.

And we had a media blowout of the RPG as well. Get it here.

GDC is going to be exhausting. Just, for the love of God, don’t mention E3. Please.

Song of the week: k.d. lang – Hallelujah. (I may have admitted she was rubbish when she performed it at the Olympics on Twitter. But I’ve grown to it. Very good.)

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