three years and ten months

Three years and ten months.

I don’t know the exact date, but that was when we first seen what was a tech demo at the time. Codenamed “The Casting”, it was still known at the time to be a title that would be released three years and ten months later.

Heavy Rain.

Since we first met Mary Smith in that demo back at E3 2006, we’ve now known four characters going by the  names of Madison Paige, Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby and Norman Jayden.

Now normally, I most likely wouldn’t write something about a game which still didn’t do enough that it was better than my current Game of the Year, Mass Effect 2. But I was impressed by its originally in it so much, I thought why not.

Now, to be honest, the casting didn’t do much to impress me. Farenheit – Quantic Dream’s previous game, and the first game I had bought from the developer as a 14-year-old at Christmas (when the BBFC packaging said it was 15 :P) – was a good game. Controls were wonky, but its story was good until it got fucked up at the end. So I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt when I would next see it.

It would be two years and three months before everyone would get a glimpse of it again. Games Convention in Leipzig was the setting. It was now or never: impress or this could be end up with egg on Sony’s face, considering it was now exclusive to PlayStation 3.

Thankfully, it did. More than I imagined.

And now here we sit, two days after its release in the UK. Having just completed my first playthrough of the game, it’s left me far more impressed than I thought. It really was a more believable story then Farenheit, acted out to me in a way the first season of 24 did all these years ago as a thriller. And while David Cage’s comments on the sex scenes on the game weren’t as far serious as he said they were (come on, they didn’t make me cringe tbh), there were moments which made me go “ooh, ahh and woah”.

That last reaction was for part of the ending I got with the game. I won’t say what, but if you get it, you’ll know what I mean.

I hope whatever Quantic throws up next can be even better than Heavy Rain. It was certainly a breath of fresh air, and I hope it really does well in the UK charts this week. Please. :(

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