an infinite five days

So let’s put it like this: I thought the first week of February was brimming with news. EA, Ubi and Acti financials, plus X10, NPD and a new God of War III trailer.

But that didn’t prepare me, in honesty, for what would be the biggest week for me so far.

My name’s Jonathan Cullen, and this is the longest five days of my life.

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next week, the fantasy is no longer a fantasy

I’m going to be frank (please Sev, don’t make that lame joke :P): I am not a hardcore Final Fantasy fan. Never have been, to be honest.

But yet, I’m so incredibly pumped for Final Fantasy XIII. Don’t ask me why, but since 2008 (before the E3 360 announcement, before you state what I think you would), I’ve been getting more and more hyped for this. And now, despite my noobness of the series, even though I have FFVII on PSN and Crisis Core on PSP, FFXIII is my most anticipated game ever.

Even more so than games of series’ I am really into, like Metal Gear Solid or Grand Theft Auto.

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