an infinite five days

So let’s put it like this: I thought the first week of February was brimming with news. EA, Ubi and Acti financials, plus X10, NPD and a new God of War III trailer.

But that didn’t prepare me, in honesty, for what would be the biggest week for me so far.

My name’s Jonathan Cullen, and this is the longest five days of my life.

  • Monday

It all seemed to have kicked off when I was fast asleep in bed, but we had the APOCALYPS3 this week. The fault? Fat PS3s which had gotten it wrong in thinking it was a leap year this year. Woops.

Sony even had to advise no-one should even turn on their PS3 if affected, although only the Slimline PS3s weren’t affected. At midnight GMT, the all-clear was starting to be given. This was almost certainly the biggest news story I had probably ever covered, just for the sheer significance of it.

At least it was for a couple of hours. For what was about to happen will almost certainly be the biggest news story of this year and one of the biggest ever.

  • Tuesday

I had woken up early, although unintentionally. I may as well have stayed up anyways as I was up in half an hour. But literally as I woke up, a news piece was posted. What was first thought to be so far-fetched, especially considering Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was releasing the same day in the US, soon turned to be not just be a megaton, but more of a gigaton.

Activision had sacked the heads of Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella. Now so much has happened in the past fours days, so all I can suggest to you is read our round-up on it on VG247.

But the basic gist is the pair get fired, everybody rages at Kotick, the pair decides to sue and it’s all for unpaid royalties and control of the Modern Warfare IP.

Meanwhile, hours after the rumour went live, Activision had confirmed three new Call of Duty titles were on the way, with Treyarch obviously doing this year’s one.

But the pub also did something it never tends to do: confirm projects ahead of time, like a game due in 2011 from an unknown developer, thought to be from post West/Zampella Infinity Ward, while a third title was confirmed from new Acti upstart Sledgehammer, found by ex-Visceral execs Glen Schofield and Michael Condery, will be a action/adventure title.

Like I said, read our full round-up on what happened on that Tuesday. It’s even too complex to try to explain in a blog post. But needless to say, it’s something that has legs and I have a feeling, even with GDC next week, we’ll still be hearing more of this.

  • Wednesday

Aside from all the Infinity Ward hoohah, Take Two’s Q1 financials took place. Compared to EA or Activision last month, Zenick, Feder and co didn’t really rock the boat compared to Johnny or Bobby. Not to say the call didn’t have its interesting bits. More Borderlands DLC on the way, GTA IV sells 15 million LtD, confirmation of Agent still in development, but more delays for Mafia II and Max Payne 3.

Obviously, the biggest slip of the lot was Red Dead Redemption, which is now out in May, having originally been due for next month.

We also had confirmation, despite not hearing a single drop of info on it in months, that Agent for PS3 is still in development, which is nice. Sadly, we didn’t get what I, and probably every single person listening into the call, was waiting for, which was anything on a new GTA.

  • Thursday

Infinity Ward situation still going. Still strong as ever now with a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, there was two big things coming out that night: the new first-party game from Sony and the reviews embargo for FFXIII.

When I found out what the game was, it was most certainly as it was billed: a surprise:  SOCOM 4.

After that, I had to prep the reviews round-up for the embargo of Final Fantasy XIII. Catch that here.

Needles to say, scores have been “mostly” positive.

  • Friday

And finally, everyone was talking about all week after a mysterious update to the original which prompted speculation as to when it would be announced, Portal 2 was announced. I am properly pumped for this one. Seriously. The original was awesome, so this one will be amazing too, right?

GDC next week. First big event of the year. It could be interesting from what I have heard, although obviously the real shitstorm will be coming at E3.

Sorry if this post seems a bit lazy. I just want to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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