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For the first time in ten years, I actually go abroad: the last time was when I was 9. As in get out of this shitty city and out of the country. For the first time ever, I fly abroad on my own.

Needless to say, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cacking myself. But I am properly pumped. Also for the first time, I get to meet fellow peers who have been writing ever since I finished school only three years ago.

On Monday, it’s pretty much normal schedule for most of the day until Monday night, when I fly out to Dublin from Derry. After staying the night with family, it’s out to France the following morning. Why am I going? I think I am allowed to say I will be at Bethesda’s pre-E3 event. Well, I guess it is, considering I have mentioned it a couple of times on Twitter.

As for what games, I’m pretty sure I can’t say what I am seeing, but here’s a hint: it’s Bethesda, which has got three of the biggest hitters for 2010. Go figure. Properly pumped. Properly, properly pumped.

And back home for the week, writing up content for it before the embargo.

The week after, it’s off to Barcelona for Namco Bandai’s pre-E3 event. As for what I am seeing there, again I can’t say, but only because – truth be told – I’m not sure what’s going to be shown there. But again, you can pretty much figure out what will be shown.

And then back again for good with literally a month to go before E3. I won’t say that’ll be it until Cologne with gamescom, but needless to say, the next three weeks are going to be balls-to-the-walls mental. Back to France, I also bought an SLR camera. All week, I’ve been fucking about with it since I bought it on Tuesday. Now, I have to admit most of the shots were *ahem* on the dog, but I did dab my hand in taking shots of the enviroment around me and more.

Some of them are below.

And that’s pretty much it.

If you’re heading out to Paris or Barcelona within the next few weeks, let me know if you’re up for a beer. Shout over an email to me if so: johnny [at] or on Twitter.

Smell you later.

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