as time goes by

Oh how it does fly by. Just like that.

I remember when the ball started rolling quite clearly.

After sending in an application to do freelance work for VG247 during gamescom, while I was editor of GOONL!NE, on July 7, I phoned a certain Mr. Garratt about the role.

The rest after that is history.

As of today, Tuesday, July 13 2010, I’ve been writing for VG247 since Monday, July 13 2009. Yes kids, in case you can’t count or can’t use fingers to do so, that’s a year.

This was the first ever post I did last year as the Monday contributor to the site. And this is the most recent from tonight.

Since then, I am no longer a contributor to the site, instead becoming the site’s Associate UK Editor, five months after joining. Over half a year later,  I couldn’t be happier of what I’ve accomplished since then.

And most of all, I couldn’t be thankful enough towards Pat and Steph for everything since.

Am I being sentimental and nostalgic? Yes. Don’t like it? Go away.

Here’s to more in the future.

Now, last year I did gamescom from home. Lets see how doing it for real pans out this year.

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