germania: gamescom – cologne, germany!


After a period where I thought I wasn’t going, having to renew my passport weeks before the event  – it was fucking hairy shit – I’m finally heading out to Germany for gamescom.

This is my first visit to Germany, let alone my first trade event or my first trip to Cologne, so I am a bit excited. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t daunting, but I say bring it!

The next five days are going to be the most busiest of my life. Tomorrow, I’m taking a flight to Dublin from Derry, where the following morning, I am flying to Frankfurt from Dublin airport.

Then, I have to take a train from Frankfurt airport into Cologne itself.

Tuesday is going to be hairy. Hopefully, I might snag some time in the Koelnmesse in the morning, and take some photos before the show opens of all the booths. I’ve also got the Microsoft and EA press conferences to do, but I’m sitting out of the SCEE presser due to circumstances out of my control, but I’ve got the MS meet and greet, though.

If you’re coming, do say hi. I’ll be the one who’s wearing the glasses, and Irish. Obviously.

On Wednesday, I’ve got a whole load of Sony and Square Enix appointments (in fact, it’s just that all morning and afternoon), with EA in the evening. I’ve got something else to attend later in the evening, which should be awesome, considering who it is.

Then, on the Thursday, it’s a bit more mixed. I’ve got Sony, Ubisoft, Namco Bandai and the Street Fighter x Tekken event happening in the Koelnmesse.

On Friday, it’s back home for moi, so no time to explore Cologne as a whole. Maybe next year, eh?

If you are going, I’ll hopefully see you there. :)

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