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No, not that type of Digital Love. But that Daft Punk song of the same name is bangin’. [Proof]

With the ever rising prominence of full games appearing on Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, and shelf space on my collection running thin, it has most likely come to the point I need to replace these physical copies to make room.

Games like Mirror’s Edge on 360, Halo 3, LittleBigPlanet, inFamous and the like are all there on my shelf, but are also available to buy via Games on Demand and on the PS Store.

But could this be one of the reasons why we’re on the road to a digital future? I want to know what you all think below.

I’ll write something a little more in-depth soon whenever I get a chance. And yes, I’ll bring up Germany at some point as well.

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  1. At the moment, it’s a tradeoff, which is constantly spoken about. Usually, it’s presented as either someone wants the physical media, or someone wants the digital media.

    That relates to them as a person.

    When in reality, there’s far more minutiae and contextual issues involved. For example, despite being happy with a digital media exclusively, you’d not be happy with losing your boxed copy of Zone of the Enders, right?

    And even then, there’s not an infrastructure for gamers to make the choice, for each game they own.

    The truth is, digital is inevitable. Becuase it’s on-demand, and requires no effort. That is the only reason we need to be satisfied with it.

    Obviously that’s in my opinion.

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