dear apple: you’re cunts

So. Why I have I not been able to post anything on here properly for the past two weeks? Blame Steve Jobs, the cunt. So. Lets go from the beginning. When I went to Belfast when I stayed up there for two weeks for my father’s birthday and Imogen Heap, I took my laptop with […]

normal service

…has resumed. I’ll explain why in the following blog post, but yeah, I’m back. Random Charts are back this weekend. I’ll make sure it’s triple header to reflect the two weeks I’ve missed as well as this week’s one. xo.


So. I’ve been thinking about if I should do this post or not all weekend. I’ve decided to go ahead and do it, but only because as of now, I want a clean slate for next year. So you may have seen me mentioning it a couple of times on Twitter and once or twice […]

Ten Random Songs – November 7

What have you done, Raze? Ten random songs for the day. 25 will be on Friday or Saturday. Daft Punk – Touch It/Technologic (Alive 2007) Radiohead – Backdrifts Green Day – American Idiot The White Stripes – Blue Orchid Radiohead – I Will Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #2 (Lakia) Coldplay X&Y blur – Country House […]

wait it out

Are we just going to wait it out? In a need to start posting more often, I’m going to post this. It’s a video of Imogen Heap from last Wednesday. It’s Wait it Out. Why am I not embedding the other videos? Because those are private, ringo. And yes, the one of Tidal doesn’t feature […]