dear apple: you’re cunts

So. Why I have I not been able to post anything on here properly for the past two weeks? Blame Steve Jobs, the cunt.

So. Lets go from the beginning.

When I went to Belfast when I stayed up there for two weeks for my father’s birthday and Imogen Heap, I took my laptop with me for work.

When I came back to Derry, I was working away as usual. But then something odd started happening to my charger: it would charge on and off. As it wore on, it kept getting worse and worse until I could not take no more. I managed to charge it up enough somehow on the day before I decided enough was enough to write up the Germany post.

But the next day, enough = enough. It stopped charging, I was running out of battery power, my two laptops are a bit fucked (I need to get them repaired), so I was heading into tech freefall. I phoned PC World first as I was under warranty under them, but I was told to ring Apple instead.

I did, took a while because I was asked for the serial number of the laptop. Now, there’s two ways of getting it: reading it from the laptop or from the box. Reading it from the laptop was impossible, even with a magnifying glass. Now, I didn’t know about reading it from the box until i was told by Apple.

But they got my details, they sorted out a delivery date of the same day when I asked for it if it was possible. Indeed it was, and it did happen. 20 minutes after I had gotten off the phone with Apple, DHL came and picked it up. Now say as I will about Apple, I will give their customer services team credit: they’re amazing.

So, I had to work. I couldn’t take two weeks or so off until the charger came back. So I had to work out of an internet cafe for the past two weeks.

Last Wednesday, I thought my troubles were over. The day before, Apple said the charger may not be back until another week or so when I rang them up. However, the charger was back and repaired… or so I thought.

Plugging it in, it was not working. So I assume it had to be the computer. But how on fucking earth could it be the laptop when it was barely two months old?

I took it into PC World in the intention of getting it replaced, but they wanted to see if it was the computer or the charger that was doing the damage. Turns out, it was the fucking charger that caused everything. Apple did fuck all in repairing it. Cunts.

So, just as I am about to go fucking Jack Bauer on Apple, my mum walks in and gives me £50 to buy a new charger. Fantastic. On the condition the other gets sent back to Apple. Seriously? What’s the point?

Anyways, I buy the charger and it arrived earlier today. It works. I am so amazingly happy right now I can work from home again instead of spending a ridiculous amounts of money to work.

Dear Apple: fix your products and then send them back, not do nothing and then send them back.

You’re cunts.

This is why I haven’t been on for the past two weeks bar some things on the iPad.

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  1. My bro had a similar problem with his mac book. He took it to the mac store genius bar (lol) about 4 times and still has the same problem.

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