VG247 in 2010 – finetto


So, officially, as of today, I am done for the year on VG247. Today is my last official weekday work day.

Unofficially, I’m still doing the VGAs and the Sony reveal on Sunday.

But other then that, that’s it. And I could not be more relieved. I’m basically burned out.

That said, this year has been fantastic to me. Easily enjoyed it and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Yes, I have had the lowlight of the passport, but that aside, it was terrific. France, Spain, Newcastle and Germany were fantastic learning experiences in this, my first full year or so as a top-tier journalist.

But now, I get to relax, enjoy my games, watch 24 and Lost boxsets and stuff my face in.

As for next year… oh boy. I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s just say that when I said on Twitter that we’ll be back in 2011 at the GMAs, I meant it. :)

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