So today, my teenage days were over. I’m officially in my early 20s. Yup, I’m 20. Thinking about it, it’s a bit surreal. It must have been only yesterday I was eight years old and having cake with my cousins. Now here I am.

Anyways, today’s been brilliant so far. I’d be lying if I said this was the best birthday I’ve ever had – I’ve had some much better ones ;) – but this has been the best in a while. So far, the haul I’ve claimed is this:

  • Scott Pilgrim Novels: Vol 4, 5 and 6 (Easons didn’t have the first three, but I’ve ordered them from Amazon)
  • Tron Legacy soundtrack on CD
  • Tron Legacy T-shirt
  • Tron Evolution (PS3)
  • Tron on DVD
  • Epic Mickey
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (pre-owned)
  • Brutal Legend (pre-owned)
  • Subway meal (:P)
  • £50 from Ma and Pa

Oh and a little 32′ Bravia.

I’ve also been told there may be more to come, but I’ve yet to see what that is. Still, today’s been good enough for what it is.

Anyways, to those of you who’ve wished me a happy birthday on Twitter and Facebook, thank you so much. That’s probably the biggest present of all I’ve had today. You’re incredibly awesome, and I love you for it. Thank you. :)

I’m back in the thick of it tomorrow, but for tonight, I’m just going to enjoy myself.

Much <3. xox,

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