why i’m retiring from unboxing videos + the final ever unbox video

The dream is over.

I’m trying to stop being a quirky person this year by doing videos that involve me either dancing or unboxing. Having given up on the former after two videos, I’ve stuck by the latter for a bit longer.

Not anymore.

As of today, Thursday, January 19, I am officially announcing my retirement from the world of unboxing videos. We’ve had a good run, but it’s time to bring it to an end.

If, for some God forsaken reason, you want to search for what I’ve done before from Black Ops to the last one I did, which I think was the Batman: Arkham City press kit, go search for it on VG247. Just search unbox. Not too hard, is it?

I get that unbox videos are typically frowned upon, and that’s fine. And actually, that’s pretty much the reason (mainly) why I’m giving it up. Besides, you can only go on with a gimmick for so long before it gets old. But that’s not to say I regret the videos I’ve done. Truth is I don’t.

But I can’t leave you on a low note, could I? Well, if I wanted to, yes. But I love you all too much. So, for one last time, I leave you with this video. It’s me unboxing my PlayStation Vita the day I got it from Japan.

This was made as part of my preview for it for VG247. But I never added it in for two reasons. The first being: it’s mirrored (and still is, as you’ll see, because of PhotoBooth – my normal camera and tripod went missing on me). The second: what’s the point anymore?

Still, I’ve uploaded it onto my personal YT account and put it below. Do enjoy it, everyone. As was gamescom last year with Dance Central 2 and dancing games, this is my final hurrah at unbox videos.

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