small sabbatical

Getting away.

For the first few months of this year, it was fine. I was fine.

Now, six months into 2012, I’m not fine.

As of late, I haven’t been happy with how some aspects of my life has been shaping out.

I removed my biggest obstacle in moving to London permanently, but that’s kind of the only fantastic news I’ve had for myself this year compared to this year. Plus, my visit to London last month has me even more determined to move out there as there’s nothing left for me here in Derry. Otherwise, 2012 hasn’t been my year for a list of reasons.

So, as of now – June 10 at midnight BST – I’m taking a two week break. But not just from VG247, but from everything. I’m going to go on a blackout from the internet and get my affairs in order. I won’t be seen on Facebook or Twitter again until June 24. You won’t see me on Xbox Live, Steam or PSN neither.

Simply put, as if I didn’t even exist. I’m doing this because I’ve had a massive slump that’s started to affect me personally and even my work. And that’s not fair either way. So I’m taking these next two weeks not just to relax for a bit, but also start making a change in my life that I am happy with. Will I manage to do everything I want to change within this fortnight? Probably not, but I’ll try anyways.

The only way to reach me between now and June 24 is if you have my mobile.

I won’t know the response to this on Twitter or Facebook – if any – until I come back, but I do know this: when I come back, you’ll hopefully see a better me and possibly a better writer. And hopefully, if it all comes good, my latter 2012 will be better than my earlier 2012.

Okay, here I go. See you in two weeks.


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