Kojima Productions has finally unveiled the biggest unsurprise in gaming: the reveal of the next true Metal Gear Solid game, Ground Zeroes. Full details from the unveil below.

[MGS3/MGS4 endgame spoilers below]

Konami has announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next installment in the popular series and its first foray as an open-world title. Not too much is known to date about the game, but it will feature Big Boss. It’s thought the title may have a connection between Big Boss and Major Zero. The pair co-founded the US branch of The Philosophers aka The Patriots following the events of Metal Gear Solid 3, but became bitter enemies as explained by the end of Metal Gear Solid 4.

The project was shown for the first time at an event to celebrate 25 years of Metal Gear, which included the announcement of a Metal Gear Solid movie being back on again and Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops for Gree.

But Ground Zeroes’ unveiling, which was showcased on a PC rather than consoles, was to mainly demo the brand new FOX Engine that Hideo Kojima first debuted at E3 2011. Besides a fleeting glimpse of off-screen footage in June last year and a few teasing off-screen pictures, we had yet to see the engine in action. Journalists who were at the event this morning in Tokyo that were live-tweeting the event went silent during the demo due to what was widely thought to be an embargo.

That embargo, for the lack of a better term, is now non-existant thanks to a few tweets getting out there that briefly described the demo as well as mentioning the game’s title. Famitsu has gone live with a single render screen of Big Boss in Splinter Cell-like goggles geddup, while a second Instagram image is also out on the interwebs with a similar render.

With Ground Zeroes’ demoed on PC instead of consoles, it’s all but likely this is going to be a proper next-gen Metal Gear that diehard fans might have been waiting for, having probably been soured by the change of genre the Metal Gear brand has taken with Rising. KP announced at GDC in March this year it was hiring for a next-gen Metal Gear Solid.

8-4 Play’s Mark MacDonald, tweeting from the event however, said the demo – running in real-time – was an “amazing” showcase of the game’s cut-scenes and gameplay. Having said that, it was tweeted that the graphics of the demo was on par of current-gen specs.

While not mentioned by name if this was one and the same, it’s thought Ground Zeroes is now the game that was teased and codenamed as Project Ogre, if previously-teased screens and hints are pointers.

Despite the lack of public footage from today’s event and still without an actual official announcement from publisher Konami, Kojima will now head to Seattle for a special Metal Gear panel hosted by GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley at Penny Arcade Expo this Saturday. He’ll then take part in a developer session at Eurogamer Expo on September 27 in London before hosting the 2012 BAFTA Annual Games Lecture the following night on September 28. It’ll be at those events Ground Zeroes will likely get its next showing with the demo that aired in Tokyo today.

Read more from the event here. And read a very comprehensive guide to the origins of Zeroes’ announce by my VG247 predecessor Dave Cook here.

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