But this ain’t no Ogre.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has gotten its world gameplay reveal at PAX following its announcement at the Metal Gear 25th anniversary event on Thursday.

As described at the event, the demo kicked off with what appeared to be a disfigured character handing a child soldier a walkman. Afterwards, a convey took off in a helicopter before a voiceover detailed some of the game’s story, a prequel to Peace Walker (I’m not mentioning the story as even I’ve yet to finish PW) before showing Snake/Big Boss sneaking into a base.

In the ten minute video uploaded to YouTube, Snake was spotted by a spotlight with the video ending there. But in an extended 15 minute demo at the Metal Gear anniversary PAX panel, the walkthrough showed Snake stealing a jeep, as well as calling in air support. Whilst your helicopter comes in, music blares out from it – the demo had Ride of the Valkyries – but you may get caught depending on how loud the music is. You can also pick what music to play in the helicopter.

The video was the first proper glimpse we had of what was possible with Kojima Productions’ Fox Engine since its E3 2011 debut. And it was stunning. The clothing physics, the lighting, the character models. It was all there in an incredible fashion.

But another question was raised following the announce of Ground Zeroes on Thursday. Was this the game previously codenamed Project Ogre? According to CVG‘s Tamoor Hussain, no. The site reckons Ogre is the codename for another project in development at Kojima Productions. With Kojima now overseeing Ground Zeroes as director, writer and game designer, CVG thinks another team could be handling Ogre now. If so, what role does Kojima have on Ogre considering the amount of hype he’s built around it on Twitter for the past year?

In other Metal Gear news, Kojima said at the PAX panel he would like to see a Metal Gear Solid game starring The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3. This has been mentioned before, but, according to Eurogamer, the response from the crowd at the panel to the proposition was unanimously in favour of it. Kojima added that if it were to ever happen, the game would be part of the main series – ergo, Metal Gear Solid 5 (?) – and not a spin-off (ala Rising).

Watch the 10 and 15 minute demos from the PAX panel below. The next confirmed showings of the game will be at Eurogamer Expo later this month on September 27 and at BAFTA the following night on September 28, although new info might make it to Tokyo Game Show.

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