*scribbles off part of journalist bucket list*

I’m about 13 or 14. I’m reading an issue of Official PlayStation Magazine 2 at the library of my secondary school and it had San Andreas on the cover. This was back in the day of one Tim Clark editing it. I think it was then that the seed of becoming a games journalist was planted in my head. So I wrote a letter addressed to the “editor of OPS2” to ask for a job there.

Thankfully, I didn’t send it as: 1 – it would have been extremely embarrassing. And 2: my handwriting is literally just as worse as my typing today. No, seriously, my handwriting then (and now) is that of a six-year old.

Eight years on from writing that letter (and following a cameo nearly five years ago in my pre-pro games journalist days in the “Whats on my Hard Drive” section), I’ve now finally had some freelance work of mine included into OPS2’s predecessor, Official PlayStation Magazine.

Remember when I declared Tomb Raider my Eurogamer Expo game of the show a while back? Well, I did an interview with its art director Brian Horton at the show. It’s only a page long, but it has some great stuff in there on the vulnerable young Lara Croft and the tense narrative surrounding the Crystal Dynamics reboot. Go pick it up now!

I’ve never been more honoured to have my work be plastered across a magazine that I used to read religiously back in my teenage youth with PSM2/3 (RIP):, especially when it’s one of Future Games’ flagship magazines. It’s one of three outlets I’ve always wanted to write for in whatever way possible, be it freelance or the obvious preference of full time.

I’ve now achieved two places out of three in my games journalism bucket list (that’s not to say I won’t write elsewhere, I just mean these three places because they’ve heavily inspired and influenced me!) with three years experience at VG247 and now an article in OPM. Only one more outlet remains on my list. That outlet being a place that gave me the shunt to become a games journalist. Whether the day will come where I’ll write for these guys – be it in a freelance capacity or otherwise – I don’t know. But with my name now on OPM, anything’s possible now, I guess… :)

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