I’d like to think that most people who follow my Twitter by now – @JohnnyCullen in case you don’t – know that I’m crazy about games news. I love games news. I don’t think I spent three years at VG247, a site that basically runs on news, because I wasn’t crazy about games news. In short, I love games news. I do.

But since departing VG247, I’ve had a super crazy itch to do news again. I’ve done some interviews, features and reviews since I went freelance. But at the end of the day, my main speciality and passion as a games journalist is news. Nothing else will come close.

So today, I’m announcing Project Boommeister, a new Twitter account that’ll provide a Twitter-tailored, Breaking News-like games news service with it. I was going to do a blog, but every man and their dog has a games blog nowadays. I figure I may as well switch it up a touch.

To be clear here: this is not what I am doing next. This is merely a passion project of mine that I intend to do with freelancing on the side until I find my next big thing, whenever or wherever that is. So don’t be too surprise if I trail off a bit one day on Boommeister because of some freelancing I have to hand in.

As for the term Boommeister, I have a tendency to say boom a lot. Like at the top of this blog. So hence the name, Project Boommeister. Unfortunately, Twitter wouldn’t let me use the full name due to the character length, so it was shortened to Boom instead.

So please, follow @Project_Boom. Be enlightened with all the games news that can fit into a 140 character tweet.

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