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final fantasy

So my good friend Alex Donaldson, who I’ve known since my GOONL!NE days and have worked with on a few occasions at VG247 and RPG Site, has done something rather special. He, along with Erren Van Duine (who I also worked with for a little bit at RPG Site), has released a special e-mag celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy.

The magazine covers all of the main instalments to date, plus spin-off games, developer profiles and a ton hell more that can’t be put into words. Alex, Erren and a whole ton of other Final Fantasy fans have also contributed to this, be they games writers or otherwise.

Disclosure time: I’ve known of this project since when it was codenamed Avalon. The foundation was pretty much set when I was at VG247, but really picked up pace by the time of my departure from there. I’ve given Alex a tiny morsel of feedback on it whenever I’ve seen previews of it, which even then were shaping up well. I was also due to contribute a piece to it, but I was never able to.

So if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, be it big or small, go give it a read. Regardless of however much love you have for the series in a big or small way, you’re pretty much covered! It’s free too! Go get it here on RPG Site.

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