So as of tomorrow morning, jonathancullen.net will cease to be. Some domain squisher troll majig I’m sure will capitalise on it, I’m sure. This wouldn’t have been were it not for WordPress letting me renew it, but no – it didn’t. And it’s not autorenewing it either for some stupid reason. So I’ve made the plunge. I went got myself a new domain.

So as of tomorrow (or maybe today if I decide to jump before being pushed by WordPress, I haven’t decided yet), the URL will switch to johnnycullen.net. So it’s basically a shorter version of my name as before. Huzzah!

What will this mean for the blog? Besides the address (and the header change above), literally nothing at all (nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all). It’s still remaining the same design wise and no posts are going to disappear because of it.

But while it looks fine on the surface, it’s given me a right ballache as my email address used for freelance work – the one I’ve primarily used since I went freelance last summer – is tied to the lapsing jonathancullen.net URL. Which has made these past 48 hours real fun in trying to get everything prepared. But anyways, I’ve pulled all the emails and contacts from Google Apps (hey, thanks for going premium and being unable to tie new email into it -_-) so far onto Thunderbird. Emails, I’m sure, will continue to head that account until it clogs up when the URL goes dead at some point today or tomorrow.

So. At the very risk of looking very stupid in doing this on a wide scale (though you can actually find the current mail at the time of writing this on the About Me page), I’m giving a 24-hour heads-up to editors and PR folk. To those people, I have a new email address you can now reach me on. It’s similar to the current one, but here it is nonetheless: jonathan.cullen@johnnycullen.net.

To repeat: jonathan.cullen@johnnycullen.net.

I can be reached at that email as of right now, so you don’t have to wait for the address to change before you do anything. Or whatever.

To PR posse: email me all your press releases for any news cover and all other sorts at that address from now on. To editors: email me all your commissions and news cover at that address. And as I said last summer, email me if you have any full-time stuff coming up (so much for doing this short-term). If it’s not on your list in the next 24 hours, I will hunt you down relentlessly (that or politely ask you do to put it on lists and on your records)

Right, that’ll be all. Class dismissed.

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