corky: crabs and how awesome/how much of a pain they are


Crabs. They’re the bane of some people’s existence. They quite frankly scare some people and make me wince a bit. I saw a baby crab once when I was at a beach once with my cousin. She tried to shove it in my face, but I kept running off like a baby girl, even if it wouldn’t have harmed me.

Spiders are the bane of my life. Fucking bastards. I hate them to death just as much as the Dutch. But crabs I’m sure can be right little shits, can’t they? I wouldn’t want them to cut down on my finger or pinch my arse somewhat. That’s not to say there are awesome sorts of crabs. There are two groups of awesome crabs. The first is the one who is in the video for Faunts’ M4 Part II (that’s the credits song for Mass Effect 1) who’s standing his ground before getting ambushed live by birds.

The other group is Crabby and Kingler from Pokemon. They’re awesome crabs. I wish crabs were more like Crabby and Kingler. I wish everything was like Crabby and Kingler. They are very awesome crabs to have hang around with you.


[I wrote this because I wanted to write something, anything. Blame Indra Wignall (@AliceGamerland) for that. It’s not 500 words, but 200 sounds decentish enough]

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