PlayStation 4 will launch in October, UK red top The Sun has said as part of an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andy House.


The paper, which headlined the interview as ‘Girls’ Games’ with the strap ‘Sony boss: PS4 will appeal to women too’, is quoted as saying: “Brit Mr House says the games console, due out in October, will feature a raft of new features to broaden its appeal beyond young male gamers.”

For his part on the subject, House said it wasn’t going to go down the cliched route of “making the console pink,” but said it was important to have a diverse audience with the system.

“I think the key is to have people and increasingly women – with different sensibilities creating different games. It is not all about shoot ’em up games,” the company’s president and CEO said.

Sony has been making a play to developers as of late – both AAA and indies alike – with House saying Sony has been looking to get studios hyped, so to speak, about the system.

“The key is getting games developers- who are going to make the next Angry Birds – excited about the PS4. And they are.”

I’ve emailed The Sun’s Daniel Jones, who wrote the article, to clarify if House made the October remark or if it was just guesstimation from the paper. SCEE has also been emailed.

PlayStation 4 is expected to launch this holiday season.

Update: Daniel Jones, the writer behind the interview with House in The Sun this morning, has told me the October release mentioned was just “estimation”.

He said: “That’s just my estimation. I think the consensus is they want it out by holiday season in US. So Oct or Nov look likely.”

For its part, if it’s worth anything, Sony is still standing by its Holiday 2013 release date announced at the PlayStation Meeting in New York in February, it told me in an email today.

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