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By 7pm BST tonight, the next-gen picture will finally (at least partially) will all become clear. Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox to press from around the world and to a worldwide audience through online streams, Xbox Live and Spike TV in the US.

IEB EVP Don Mattrick and the Xbox team will be handling the presentation, which is expected to be an hour long. We don’t know what first-party games – if any – will be shown from Microsoft, but a new Forza Motorsport game is being rumoured for tonight. In regards to bigger franchises like Halo and the like, those won’t be shown until E3 at the earliest (or if they are shown, it might form part of a teaser b-roll for E3 at the end of the reveal tonight).

But third-parties look set to be out in a much bigger force. Activision will premiere Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts for the first time, while EA will show the next-gen version of FIFA 14 there and perhaps possibly the first footage of its UFC game. And a suspiciously timed tweet suggests we might even see the next-gen version of Battlefield 4 for the first time. Of course, clocks will stop big time if Respawn’s first game – a sci-fi shooter rumoured to be named Titan – is shown and help form part of an exclusivity deal.

Add to Microsoft’s probable pre-show jitters is Sony’s continuing offensive on PlayStation 4, which yesterday went up a notch by teasing the chassis for the system ahead of a full showing at its press conference at E3 in three weeks. But for now, the ball is in Microsoft’s corner.

You can watch a livestream of it here if you’re watching from a computer. And if you’re unable to watch and on the move, @Project_Boom will tweet out the biggest info from the conference. It all kicks off from 6pm BST/5pm GMT/1pm EST/10am PST.

By the way, want to see how it all happened last night with the Xbox 360? Look on below with the MTV 360 unveil special from 2005 (also for good measure, here’s Eurogamer’s liveblog of that infamous night – good read!). Warning: it has Elijah Wood and it gets awfully cheesetastic and celebtastic at times.

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