the boyhood dream: eurogamer and me

:’) It’s eight years ago last month I decided I wanted to become a games journalist. Some people within the industry will probably laugh at me wanting to become a games journalist back then, not realising at the time what I was about to get myself into a few years later. After all, it’s a […]

the 30 day u-turn

Incredible scenes. A month tomorrow, it’ll be 30 days – that’s one whole month for those not able to keep up – since Microsoft unveiled Xbox One. In that time, the machine has had restrictions on how second-hand games are operated for the system as well as being an always-on system where if the machine […]

E3 2013: content wrap-up

The end. And that was that. E3 2013 is done and in the book as one of the best E3s in living memory. Drama, many games and new IPs welcomed the next-generation arrival of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This was an E3 for the ages and one that E3 2014 will need to improve […]

E3 2013: rating the press conferences

Judgment days. If the official judging portion is on the games, the unofficial scrutinising that comes afterwards is the press conferences. Make a big steaming pile out of your show and boy, are you gonna hear about it. Make an incredible showing and boy, are you gonna hear it. Think back to fantastic performances like […]

E3 2013: game of the show

The big guns. E3. Games. We’ll scrutnise every last detail that comes out the show, but at its core, E3 is all about games. E3 is as AAA as it comes with only the biggest names dominating the show. gamescom is a chance for the lesser-known stuff to come to the forefront, but gamescom is […]

E3 2013: trailer of the show

This isn’t a surprise if you think about it. If there’s one thing that drives E3 each and every year, it’s propaganda material like trailers. There are trailers are the difference between making your game very cool and very special. The same sentiment applies to trailers announcing their games for the first time. Think back […]