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noctis ffxv

If there’s one thing that drives E3 each and every year, it’s propaganda material like trailers. There are trailers are the difference between making your game very cool and very special. The same sentiment applies to trailers announcing their games for the first time. Think back to when Zelda: Twilight Princess was announced – the meltdowns had at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that year – and you get where I’m trying to come to.

Essentially, just as sure we – journalists and gamers alike – will judge the big three for the press conferences they put on each and every year, the same scale will given to the trailers on show at E3. This year, however, is a special effort with the full reveals of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with some fantastic trailers to date, be they in-game or CG. These five trailers are not only show-stopping, but heavy news-hitters. These are the best of show.

watch dogs

5 – Watch Dogs

After last year’s surprise reveal, Watch Dogs returned to the stage that gave its debut with an interesting CG trailer. Showing initially a shady character leading a double life as part of a human trafficking crew, it’s up to Aiden Pierce to disrupt their plans. The CG trailer however leads up to the themes of Watch Dogs even more – the constant surveillance and how anything is hackable. As the tagline says, connection is power.

kingdom hearts iii

4 – Kingdom Hearts III

I’ve, admittedly, not played a Kingdom Hearts game since the first back in 2002, though I do have a copy of Birth By Sleep on PSP on my shelf. But that said, my little heart – my mostly emotionless little heart – lit up when that teaser started to show at the Sony conference on Tuesday morning. There was no big story hints to take away – just Sora on the Destiny Islands picking up the Keyblade and then riding a wave of Heartless – but watching that again has made me want to go and pick up 1.5HD. Who knows where it’ll take me from there. I still have Birth By Sleep waiting for me, after all.


3 – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Red band trailer)

When Hideo Kojima said he wanted to tackle taboo issues for his next game, he wasn’t fucking around. MGS5’s first trailer since its GDC unveil was not afraid of tackling these head on, including scenes of child soldiers being trained for combat in Africa and literally ripping open a kid’s stomach (same kid from that jail cell in Ground Zeroes?), which was graphic as it got. Taboo stuff aside, the trailer showed the incredible graphic prowless of the Fox Engine and the possibilities of a stealth open world game, especially a Metal Gear Solid game. Where do I sign up?


2 – Final Fantasy XV

For someone who entered the series as a newbie at the time – and especially when Square were planning a trilogy around it with three separate games in its universe – Final Fantasy XIII left me very cold. And what I played of XIII-2, while a slight improvement, was the same. Now, Lightning’s story will finish with Lightning Returns and a western release of Type-0 is all but likely to be dead. Thankfully, the most intriguing game of the set has now actually stood out from the shadow of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga and embraced its destiny as a fully-numbered instalment with a trailer that shows, after the disappointment of XIII, that Final Fantasy is seemingly back.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is dead. Long live Final Fantasy XV.

mirror's edge 2

1 – Mirror’s Edge 2

Despite its critical success, Monday was a day most fans of the original game never thought they’d see after the original game’s sales never happened. We knew it had been coming since 2009, but then news of a prototype not being greenlit pretty much meant one thing – that great big Mirror’s Edge dream in the sky was all but dead. Until Monday. Mirror’s Edge 2 is finally a thing that’s happening. When it’s happening, we don’t know – “when it’s ready” is all DICE will say – but the first look at the game running shows the same Mirror’s Edge we fell in love with five years ago. No Kinect as everyone feared beforehand and, like in the original, no big emphasis on guns (yet) – all within an origin story of Faith. It’s joyous news.

Special mentions: Transistor, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Mario Kart 8, X (MonolithSoft), The Division, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Bayonetta 2, Sunset Overdrive and The Order: 1886.

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