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It’s eight years ago last month I decided I wanted to become a games journalist. Some people within the industry will probably laugh at me wanting to become a games journalist back then, not realising at the time what I was about to get myself into a few years later. After all, it’s a demanding industry in more ways than one. And true enough, I didn’t. But I still went with it because of the passion I had for my favorite past time and how much I wanted to write about that passion. More so that I didn’t have a backup plan in case things changed. As evident by this past E3, it’s a passion that’s now just as strong as it was than ever before.

One of the reasons why I write this is I had a goal in sight ever since I started my first crappy website with a few friends using Freewebs software: to write about games for the best games website in the world. That so happened to be Eurogamer in my then 14 year-old head’s opinion at the time. I’ve had people inspire me in the few years before I became a top-tier games journalism, with some of my biggest influences being then OPM editor Tim Clark and the person who eventually became my boss for three years, Pat Garratt. But throughout the time I’ve written about games, one guy has stood out to me. He wasn’t just an inspiration at the time, he was an actual real-life hero to me then. And in fact, still is now and is even more so a hero.

Tom Bramwell is easily one of the best writers, if not THE best writer, in games today. Reading his work back then was a seriously heavy inspiration and the kick I got in wanting to become a top-tier games journalist back in 2005. And after launching a crappy site with Freewebs (don’t ask me to search for it, I don’t think its still about now) five years earlier, I did at VG247.

Okay, I’m babbling. My main gist is Eurogamer and Tom basically inspired me to become a games journalist with my main goal and dream being one day, a work of mine and my name would be published on Eurogamer.

Remember what I said when, whilst also achieving a seriously massive games journalism dream of mine, I wrote this when my Tomb Raider interview was published in Official PlayStation Magazine in November?

“I’ve now achieved two places out of three in my games journalism bucket list (that’s not to say I won’t write elsewhere, I just mean these three places because they’ve heavily inspired and influenced me!) with three years experience at VG247 and now an article in OPM. Only one more outlet remains on my list. That outlet being a place that gave me the shunt to become a games journalist. Whether the day will come where I’ll write for these guys – be it in a freelance capacity or otherwise – I don’t know. But with my name now on OPM, anything’s possible now, I guess…”

That outlet I was referring to was Eurogamer.

Yesterday, about eight years after starting out as someone who just wrote about games for fun and passion (I wouldn’t even call it enthusiast, though, the site was that crappy!), that dream that I had in mind when I first began in 2005 has finally been realised.

On Wednesday morning, Eurogamer went live with a profile feature I did on one of the most recognisable voices to be heard in games, Jennifer Hale (Femshep, Rosalind Lutece, Naomi Hunter and Emma Emmerich).

First, I have to say that Jennifer was an absolute delight throughout. The stuff we talked about in the 50 minute chat was fascinating. And it was easily without a shadow of a doubt one of my favorite interviews I think I have ever done. So thanks to Jennifer for being a fantastic sport and I hope it isn’t the last time we chat as, like I said, she was an incredible interviewee.

And as for EG, to have a work of mine published on there at last is the best feeling I can have. I’ve never felt so proud in my career to date. I can win all the GMAs in the world, be on every 30 Under 30 in the land, whatever. I’m pretty sure they won’t come close to the pride I have right now. There is no bigger or better proud moment than the one I had yesterday or down the line (or maybe there is, but for now, this’ll take a hell of a beating). Hopefully, it’s not the last time I appear on Eurogamer’s pages, but for now, I’m beaming with so much pride.

I’ve jokingly said this before among various situations on Twitter, but this time I actually mean it when I say — I finally made it. :’)

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