Stupid horse.

rdr 7

So I said earlier on Twitter the entry I posted earlier would be my last. Not quite, though this is something that has just been thought up of on the fly.

I made a couple of Red Dead-related Vines through my playthrough. Okay, it’s only two, but hey, some people might not use Vine and Vines are embeddable (Edit: Or maybe not on a website anyways, as learned after posting this. Thanks for that). And in which case, you’re crazy (or if you use Instagram, you’re less crazy).

First one shows how stupid my horse post golden wonder is.

And in the wake of news that David Cameron is about to introduce a porn filter in the UK (dear David Cameron, you are now the most literal definition of an absolute cock), I introduce a simple measure to get around the block. The timing of the announcement is made even more ironic considering most of the news coverage in the world this minute is trained on what’s about to come out of a woman’s vagina anytime now. Up yours, censorship.

And that’s it for this series. If you’ve missed out on any of the past instalments or just want to read again, you can catch up here. Lets definitely do something like this again sometime soon.

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