Yesterday, I did my last Spelunky Daily Challenge runthrough on video. What happened? You can watch the stream of it here or the YouTube version below. Spoiler: don’t be too shocked to see what happens (except for that arrow trap bit at the end).

But because I enjoyed doing these, I’ve also posted, along with a proper goodbye, a little outtake as such: the second Spelunky Daily Challenge runthrough that never happened properly (the gameplay was never recorded but there is voiceover of it so you have some idea in regards to what to expect.

While this is the end of the Spelunky Daily Challenge, it’s not the end of Daily Challenge videos as such. I’ll be back for Rayman Legends’ daily challenges so you’ll start seeing those soon. In fact, today! More on that soon.

If you’ve watched the Spelunky Daily Challenge videos, thank you so much for doing so. You’re all babes. x

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