eurogamer expo 2013 – day one: once more unto the breach

Here. We. Go. Well, that time has come. I’m lying in my bed in a darkened and small hotel room in South West London (around the corner from Earls Court) with the new Arcade Fire playing on my iPad, set to go out in the next hour to the Tesco down the road to pick […]

cullen plays live: grand theft auto v – watch a replay of tonight’s mammoth nine-hour stream/more streaming live from 9pm tomorrow (tuesday)

More! It’s official: Grand Theft Auto V is now officially on shelves after what feels like the longest wait out there for gamers looking to get their hands on Rockstar North’s latest opus, which has had a fantastic response in the wake of the reviews embargo lifting yesterday afternoon. Nines and tens (or the equivalents […]

“i grew up with a real fascination with america”: rockstar president sam houser gives first interview in three years

Silence broken. Rockstar president Sam Houser has conducted an interview for the first time in three years, speaking with The Sunday Times. The last time the Rockstar co-founder gave an interview was around the time Rockstar San Diego was getting set to release Red Dead Redemption, and has only otherwise since commented through Rockstar press […]