With release now two weeks away, Beyond: Two Souls will be seen as one of PlayStation 3’s last big games in a year where, despite the oncoming wave of next-gen, the platform has soared thanks to the release of The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Puppeteer and the upcoming Rain and Gran Turismo 6 (this is for a first-party lineup on an eight-year old system with its successor set to drop in two months, by the way – just reminding you).

Quantic Dream have made some awesome games in the past that I’ve love: Fahrenheit, while with its faults, was a good game to sink my time into, whilst Heavy Rain – Mass Effect 2 aside – was my favorite game of 2010 and in fact one of my favorite games of the generation.

Beyond looks set to improve upon that, featuring Ellen Page as the troubled Jodie, who has a physic entity tied to her in the form of Aiden. Willem Defoe is also involved as Nathan Dawkins, a scientist who Jodie will get to know in the fifteen-year time-span the game takes place over.

I’m off to Eurogamer Expo in London this morning, but I managed to take a bit of time out to record two videos featuring the two parts of the demo that’ll release on PSN publically next week (or if you have a GAME/GameStop pre-order (apply where applicable), this week). You can watch both videos below.

Quantic Dream co-founder and Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage will be at the Eurogamer Expo to give a developer session on the game from Friday at 1pm BST. Be sure to tune in on Eurogamer for it. He’s also one of my three picks to see for the dev sessions at the Expo. Get my preview for it here.

Here’s the demo! Enjoy!

Beyond: Two Souls launches in the US on October 8 and in the UK on October 11 for PlayStation 3.

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