Here. We. Go.

ege 2013

Well, that time has come. I’m lying in my bed in a darkened and small hotel room in South West London (around the corner from Earls Court) with the new Arcade Fire playing on my iPad, set to go out in the next hour to the Tesco down the road to pick up ‘essentials’. An hour or so after that, it’s properly time. Eurogamer Expo 2013 has arrived. You can bet I’m excited.

This year, I’ll be doing some freelance bits whilst over, but I’ll also be doing some stuff on here, such as impressions. @ProjectBoom will tweet any news that comes out of the developer sessions, including Phil Harrison’s show opening dev session at midday, so stay tuned.

Baring any catastrophes (in this case, think Wii U having 90 minute queues five minutes after the doors opened last year, so this can change easily), this is how the day is going in terms of playable stuff:

+ Titanfall
+ Battlefield 4
+ Bayonetta 2
+ Need for Speed: The Rivals
+ Rain
+ Tearaway
+ Hohokum
+ DriveClub
+ Octodad
+ Resogun
+ Forza Motorsport 5
+ Killer Instinct
+ Ryse
+ Project Spark

The ones bolded are the ones you can expect impressions of on here tomorrow (funny, I don’t have a space on my schedule to write up at least one on here today), but I’ll tweet some small impressions for all of them today regardless at @JohnnyCullen.

Once more unto the breach, huh. If you see me, say hi – I’ll be the Irish one with a very recent hair cut and who’s only had six hours of sleep. I’ll be about Thursday and Friday with a brief pop-in on Saturday. See you then!

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