Standby for Titanfall. No, really, you should.


There were three words I couldn’t stop screaming after I finished playing Titanfall, my final game of the 2013 Eurogamer Expo, let alone stop saying: ‘OH MY GOD!’ I couldn’t stop screaming them over and over to one peer who was with me playing Respawn’s debut title.

The other trend when after finishing a playthrough of Titanfall was flailing limbs. I couldn’t stop flailing my arms and hands in excitement after playing Titanfall.

What I’m trying to say is this: Titanfall is the real fucking deal.

The first game from Vince Zampella’s upstart, also co-founded by Jason West in the wake of CoDGate at Infinity Ward in March 2010 (West has since left), has the potential of being something special in what is otherwise a very samey, stagnant genre. It feels fresh over a good majority of FPS games today, with the selling point of mechs being the clincher.

In fact, there was a point in playing Titanfall that triggered a literal holy shit moment in my head. I was in a Titan (I really enjoyed ground combat, but Titan combat is the shizz), through which I was kicking ass, when another Titan on the other side was kicking my ass. I had to eject, before being bounced fifty or sixty feet in the air and then land on said enemy Titan and then pummel its brains out with a few bullets from my gun. An actual holy shit exited my mouth afterwards.

Yeah, Titanfall is going to be pretty fucking special. Hence why it easily wins my Eurogamer Expo 2013 Game of Show. I only played on PC with a Xbox 360 pad, but I do think (unless whichever outside developer is handling the Xbox 360 version fucks it up) whatever version you get, you’ll have something outstanding to play come next spring.

I’ve never been so impressed with a game after playing it for the first time pre-release. I’ve done specialist games journalism for four years now and not once have I screamed OH MY GOD so many times at people alongside me (and I had a developing case of Expo flu, so, sorry about that people who were in the vicinity) nor could I stop flailing my body limbs. The last true FPS to absolutely impress in every single way was Call of Duty 4. Titanfall, however, is based on first impressions, whereas CoD4 was the final game. Oh my, just thinking of the final game has me excited.

I’ll say it one more time: Titanfall – Believe. The. Fucking. Hype.

Runner up

batman arkham origins

Batman: Arkham Origins

How do you top two of the best licenced games of all time, its sequel being arguably the best of the lot? How do you try to beat what Rocksteady have done with The Dark Knight? The answer: you don’t. WB Montreal have decided to carve out its own thing, taking it of Arkham Asylum and even Arkham City and have itself set within Gotham itself on Christmas Eve as Black Mask puts a $50 million bounty on a still inexperienced Bat, hunted down by eight assassin’s for the grand prize. It has maintained, however, the fantastic combat system and refined it from City, whilst it feels easier to explore the world than before.

WB Montreal is doing its own thing with the game, no need for it to try and take on Rocksteady’s past two efforts. This is a good thing.

Third place

elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO or – to perhaps the bitten lips of a couple of Bethesda employees in the UK – TESCO) was most certainly surprise of the show for me. I had heard some of the doubts the game had gotten up to this past week, but I really enjoyed what I had played of the MMO. Combat feels great, the world looks more polished to near-Skyrim levels and, for someone who mainly played Oblivion and Skyrim in first-person, I really enjoyed playing in a third-person view (you can of course play in first-person too).

I do have my doubts, of course, over how it needs a sub, but take that out of the equation, The Elder Scrolls Online (TESCO – sorry, Bethesda UK, this is what I’m calling it from now on) could be very awesome to play with a couple of friends.

Honorable Mentions: Bayonetta 2, ┬áHohokum, Octodad: Deadliest Catch, Dying Light, Frozen Endzone, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

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