So pretty.

rain 2

Later today in the US, Sony will release Rain from Japan Studio, PlayStation C.A.M.P (Tokyo Jungle) and Acquire (Way of the Samurai). The game won’t release until tomorrow in Europe as part of the EU PS Store’s weekly content drop.

It’s my most anticipated digital title this year and one of my most anticipated full stop so I’ve been looking forward to this for a bit. I haven’t played a great deal of it so far (I entirely and squarely put the blame on this solely on coming down with a really bad case of the flu post-Eurogamer Expo), but first impressions are it’s absolutely charming. It’s absolutely whimsical and the watercolour art style is really beautiful to look at.

Here’s a look in at the game’s first fifteen minutes in action. Like I said, charming.

Disclosure: This is based on a final PlayStation Network digital code of Rain, provided by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Rain releases in Europe tomorrow and in the US today for PlayStation 3.

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