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It’s that time of year again. If you’ve followed the past two instalments, you’ll know how this works. For those who haven’t, welcome!

This list contains 100 of the finest Twitter folk that currently reside in the UK games industry, consisting mostly of journalists but also with a mix of PR, marketing, community and a few other bits and bobs.

If you want to catch up on the past two years, here’s 2011 and 2012. If by some chance you’re reading this and still aren’t following me (philistine), you can do at @JohnnyCullen. Also, a fellow shoutout to @Project_Boom because BOOM, that’s why.

This list is in no particular order. Otherwise, here we go!

Games Journalists:

  • Alex Donaldson – Editor, RPG Site and Freelance Extraordinaire (VG247, Strategy Informer) (@APZonerunner)
  • Lewie Procter – Founder and Managing Director, SavyGamer (@LewieP)
  • Debbie Timmins – Editor, The Average Gamer (@weefz)
  • Nick Silversides – Writer, The Average Gamer (@CaptSkyRocket)
  • Peter Chapman – Owner, TheSixthAxis (@colossalblue)
  • Tom Bramwell – Editor-in-Chief, Eurogamer (@tombramwell)
  • Alex Seedhouse – Editor, Nintendo Insider (@Seedy87)
  • Chris Schilling – Freelance Extraordinaire (IGN, Eurogamer, Edge) (@schillingc)
  • Matt Reynolds – Games Editor, Digital Spy (@Crazyreyn)
  • Emily Gera – Senior UK Reporter, Polygon (@Twitgera)
  • Aoife Wilson – Staff Writer, Official Xbox Magazine UK (@AoifeLockhart)
  • Guy Cocker – Freelance Extraordinaire (Wired, Stuff) (@guycocker)
  • Jennifer Taylor – Editor, The Game Jar (@littlejuicebox)
  • Colin Gallacher – Video person, The Average Gamer (@ColinCGallacher)
  • Tim Smith – Editor, SPOnG.com (@GasheadAU)
  • Lucy James – Presenter, The Blurb (@lucyjamesgames)
  • Simon Parkin – Freelance Extraordinaire (Eurogamer, The Guardian, Edge) (@SimonParkin)
  • Rob Purchase – Senior Staff Writer, Eurogamer (@Clert)
  • Krystal Sim – Gamewank (@KrystalSim)
  • Wesley Yin-Poole – News Editor, Eurogamer (@wyp100)
  • Simon Miller – Editor, Videogamer (@SimonMiller316)
  • Matt Lees – Video Editor, Videogamer (@Jam_Sponge)
  • Sam White – JAMS BEND (Videogamer, Official Xbox Magazine UK, Official PlayStation Magazine UK) (@samwrite)
  • Steve Hogarty – PCGamesN and two-time Best Tweeter GMA winner (@misterbrilliant)
  • Johnny Chiodini – Video person, GameSpot (@johnneh)
  • Patrick Garratt – Editor, VG247 (@patlike)
  • Ellie Gibson – Associate Features Editor, Eurogamer (@elliegibson)
  • Dave Cook – Deputy Editor, VG247 (@davescook)
  • Andy Robinson – Editor, CVG (@Espio1)
  • Alan Williamson – Editor, Five Out of Ten (@AGBear)
  • Rob Crossley – Associate Editor, CVG (@rob_crossley)
  • Dan Webb – Editor, X360A and PS3Trophies (@X360A)
  • Tom Phillips – Staff Writer, Eurogamer (@TomPhillips151)
  • Ben Wilson – Editor, Official PlayStation Magazine UK (@BenjiWilson)
  • Martin Gaston – News Editor, GameSpot (@squidmania)
  • Tamoor Hussain – Staff Writer, CVG (@tamoorh)
  • Jon Blyth – Associate Editor, Official Xbox Magazine UK (@disappointment)
  • Chris Scullion – Games Editor, CVG (@scully1888)
  • Jennifer Allen – Freelance Extraordinaire (MyM, 148Apps) (@jenjeahaly)
  • Lee Bradley – News Editor, X360A and PS3Trophies (@Lee_Bradley)
  • Cara Ellison – Freelance extraordinaire (Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, Eurogamer) (@Carachan1)
  • Dave Scammell – Deputy News Editor, Videogamer (@VG_Dave)
  • Andy Farrant – Co-Editor, Outside Xbox (@farrantula)
  • Keza MacDonald – Games Editor, IGN UK (@kezamacdonald)
  • Jane Douglas – Co-Editor, Outside Xbox (@janedouglas)
  • Danny O’Dwyer – Video person, GameSpot (@dannyodwyer)
  • Mike Channell – Co-Editor, Outside Xbox (@mikechannell)
  • Tim Clark – Group Senior Editor of Games, Future (@timothydclark)
  • Ben Cordell – Co-Founder, StickTwiddlers (@BenMeetsWorld)
  • Alan Teader – Co-Founder, StickTwiddlers (@GrumpyCarrot)
  • Leon Hurley – Associate Editor, Official PlayStation Magazine UK (@leonHurley)
  • Anthony Dickens – Managing Director, Nintendo Life (@AntDickens)
  • Dan Dawkins – Editor, Games Special Projects at Future (@DanDawkins)
  • Damien McFerran – Editorial Director, Nintendo Life and PushSquare (@damienmcferran)
  • Jon Brady – BigRedBarrel (@jonfaec)
  • Daz Calvert – Operations Director, Nintendo Life (@dazcalvert)
  • Mat Jones – Freelance Extraordinaire (Gameranx) (@pillowfort)
  • Orla Madden – Staff Writer, Nintendo Life (@dudey300)
  • Nathan Ditum – Editor, PlayStation Access (@NathanDitum)
  • Ian Higton – Video Editor, Eurogamer (@IanHigton)
  • Nick Cowen – Freelance Extraordinaire (The Guardian, CVG, T3) (@witenoyze)
  • Dan Pearson – Deputy European Editor, GamesIndustry.Biz (@Danbojones)
  • Gillen McAlister – Editor, GameReactor UK (@gmcallister)
  • Rachel Weber – Staff Writer, GamesIndustry.Biz (@therachelweber)
  • Matt Kamen – Freelance Extraordinaire (The Guardian, The Observer) (@MattKamen)

Games PR and Other Folk:

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