Start of an era.


This more or less has crept up on me with each passing day, but man, I don’t think I’ve been this excited to own a home console in a long time or even ever.

PlayStation 4 is, as of this lunchtime (November 29), finally out in Europe. After an eight-year cycle of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the next-generation is finally here with both machines now out.

It kind of feels a bit surreal to say that after seven or eight years respectively of PS3 and 360, but yet here we are. And compared to the reveal of PS3 and 360, it really does feel like yesterday since we both saw the machines announced (PS4 back in February and Xbone in May – for comparison sake, 360 launched six months after reveal whilst PS3 was a further 18 months out).

About one week ago, just as Xbox One launched, was when the excitement ranched up for me. Earlier that week, I had to cancel my Xbone Day One due to a lack of funds, which bummed me out as it was my hope to be able to get both machines on day one. That said, I am intent on picking up a ‘Bone next March when Titanfall drops. And we all know how excited I am for that.

But I was still excited. I was still getting a PS4. With Killzone. And Assassin’s Creed IV. And FIFA 14, though that has disappeared since it was dispatched from Amazon (needless to say, it won’t be on Cullen Plays LIVE later and I will be going to Amazon about it tomorrow if it hasn’t turned up by then – have a feeling its been knicked). And this is before the F2P/PS Plus stuff!

As the week went on and on, the excitement built. And by last night, it was at fever pitch as I pressed F5 continuously on my Amazon order – giving me a ‘Dispatching now’ message since 8pm on Wednesday – until it said ‘Dispatched’ last night at around 6pm.

Then I more or less realised at that point that I’ve never been this excited for a new home console (I was giddy for PS3’s launch and happy at getting my 360 a few months earlier, but didn’t feel the excitement). Maybe it’s current-gen (or is it now last-gen?) fatigue (In an unrelated matter, I still have to use my PS3 for two of my Game of the Generation bits before properly moving on). Maybe it’s this past year of such incredible games like TLOU and GTA V and the events in it like E3 or the respective console unveils. Or maybe – just maybe – at heart, for all my desires of being a multi-platformist, I’m truly a bit of a PlayStation fanboy. After all, my first actual console was a PlayStation 16 years ago with Crash Bandicoot and Porsche Challenge.

And if you want to talk about #PlayStationMemories, lets talk about how I was surprised after coming back from a day at a football camp down the road as a just-turned 10-year old by my parents in 2001 who, after claiming to the contrary it wasn’t able to, surprised me with a PlayStation 2 – bought in Belfast after being unable to find one in Derry – with copies of Ridge Racer V and Ready 2 Rumble 2 to the point of tears.

Nearly 13 years on from January 4, 2001 and that moment which caught me by surprise, there are no tears of happiness (or anything). Just excitement. And as I look at my still unopened PS4, knowing that in about two hours, I still have to prepare for a stream and setup the console, the one other thought running through my head is of one little sentence:

Next-gen is here.

And I couldn’t be more giddy for it.

Hit this for details on a special Cullen Plays LIVE stream later tonight on PlayStation 4.

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