The end.

the last of us 3

Hello! Happy new year! First post of the year and all that.

Anyways, I’d been meaning to get round to this the day after it wrapped up, but then Christmas happened. And then the New Year celebrations happened. And then my birthday happened (I am three years past twenty now).

But distractions no more, I’m finally getting round to this at long last.

So yeah, to perhaps the shock of no-one – especially after the thing I wrote ahead of the game’s pre-release last June – The Last of Us, a game released six-and-a-half months ago, was my Game of the Generation (and a lot more besides it), not something from a year or eight ago as I thought when the first inklings of this little thing came into my head last April.

But besides a list of writeups published on a Sunday or a ten-hour Cullen Plays stream, I also did other things in its lead-in, including a piece I feel quite proud of, even if it was just a personal project. A ton of awesome and talented writers, including two big heroes of moi – Tom Bramwell and Chris Donlan – give their defining moments of the past generation.

And there were a few other bits too.

So here’s a full linked recapped lowdown on what happened that week. Because having everything in one place is good.

Now to this year and the infancy of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as we head towards March, where the next-gen prospects start to heat up with MGS5: Ground Zeroes, Titanfall and inFamous: Second Son.

Gonna be a good year, needless to say.

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