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So I’m doing a (hopefully) weekly thing on here where I talk about the games I’ve been playing for the week. It’s a good way to keep writing on the side, away from freelancing, but also continue to write about games. It’s good exercise either way.

I’ve been contributing on-and-off to the weekly “‘Whatcha’ Been Playin'” thread on NeoGAF since I became a member but I figured I would bring that to the blog from now on.

Anyways, here it is!


I was about 3/4 of the way through Media Molecule’s marvellous Vita platformer (enough for it to smash into my top ten of 2013 at the last possible moment to dethrone Metal Gear Rising a place from the list), but I got distracted from it at the end of 2013 by prepping Game of the Generation and the arrival of PlayStation 4.

But on Sunday, I finally got round to finishing it. It really is such a marvellous platformer and one that deserves a lot more love than it got. Media Molecule deserve all the plaudits it can get from the game.



I’ve been in and out of Resogun since I first turned on my PS4 again after leaving it off for two weeks to focus on the GOTG stuff and, more specifically, aiming for the high scores of my former boss Patrick Garratt. I did such that earlier this week after a bit of boasting previously. Take that, Pat.

But there’s also that element of just ‘one more go’ with what Housemarque has done with the game. ┬áIt was the same with Super Stardust HD when it was a PS3 launch title, but Resogun just brushes aside Stardust in terms of addictiveness. In fact, when I got my PS4, I made a passing remark to a peer that I’d come to accept that, until Spring, my PS4 was a glorified Resogun box.

Until March, that is very much still the case.

call of duty ghostsCall of Duty: Ghosts:

So I crumbled. I picked up Call of Duty: Ghosts. I ordered it and the game below on Amazon as a belated gift for myself last Friday, the day after my birthday, and to at least bolster my collection of PS4 games a bit.

I’ve not played too much of it besides the opening two levels, but first thoughts? ‘Yay for it being a Treyarch year.’ Please improve.

bf4Battlefield 4:

BF4 was the other game I ordered last week. I only got it yesterday (two copies in fact, as Amazon sent out a second copy after worries of the first one going missing – they both turned up yesterday).

Again, like Ghosts, I’ve not played too much besides the first two levels, but first thoughts? ‘Bloody hell, Frostbite 3 looks amazing.’ Plus, campaign may not actually be piss this time.

Here’s to this being a weekly thing. With that said, see you next week.

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