I hate tombs.

tomb raider defintive edition

Hello, I’ve played considerably more games this week than I did last week. Here’s to it.

bf4Battlefield 4

More campaign, progressing further and further up until I got shot half a dozen times by Chinese tanks. Still yet to touch multiplayer. Has it been sorted yet?



tff lightningThearhythm: Final Fantasy

For a few hours earlier this week, my home was without electric. No consoles, no laptop, no PC. And my iPhone screen is too cracked by now to play anything (assuming I decided to play something). Out comes the Vita. Except the battery is dead. So out comes the 3DS instead, which thankfully still has charge left.

Not much took my fancy in terms of 3DS games, but I decided to have a go on Thearhythm: FF again for the first time in a year. I’ve gone on about FFXIII and my distaste of it till the cows come home, but I’m quite fond of Thearhythm. It’s well suited: lovely chibi art style, legendary Final Fantasy soundtracks. What’s not to like?


I found this on a whim. I’d forgotten I even had it on 3DS but I seem to vaguely had it as a freebie from the eShop. I didn’t play it too much, it was only for ten-fifteen minutes.


tr2Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Not too many impressions from me this week on this one. I’ve only played so far the first forty minutes of it for a Cullen Plays video you’ll see on here following CP Live later tonight. But part of those small first impressions? Fuck me, it’s polished to a mirror shine. Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes and United Front really nailed this, didn’t they?

And that’s it. Stay tuned for the return of Cullen Plays LIVE tonight for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition in two hours as of writing this. Otherwise, see you next week!

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