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So I kind of forgot to do this last night. So sorry. Going through a bit of an insomnia patch right now, not to mention a whole lot of shit weighing on my mind that is, quite frankly, scaring me a fucking lot right now.

But I digress, this is a games blog, not a personal blog. So this is what I’ve been playing for the past week.

tr2Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

So I’ve been digging into more of ┬áthe PS4 version of TR. I just entered the Shanty Town after the parachuting bit. Good lord, I’ve also been reminded of the gruesome and gortastic way Lara dies. You haven’t lived until you see a tree branch pierce Lara’s throat. Oof.

mafia 2Mafia II

I started the first of my Four In February with Mafia II with a save I’ve not touched in over four years. I’ve progressed about two chapters. And that’s about it. Not played it since last Saturday.

acivAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The second of my Four In February series. And yes, yes, YES! ACIV really is brilliant. ACII, I maintain, is the best of the series to date, but ACIV mostly brings back what made that game so fun to begin with, especially following the disappointing Brotherhood, Revelations and the massive let down that was Assassin’s Creed III. I can’t mind how far in now, but having just been given access to Level 1 at Abstergo, that should tell you how far in I am.

gta v 4Grand Theft Auto V

Since my Xbox Live Gold subscription finally wrapped up last month, I decided not to renew it. There wasn’t much value in me renewing it – on Xbox 360 anyways – compared to PlayStation Plus. But I will have to once I pick up an Xbox One. So as a result, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto Online on PS3 rather than on Xbox 360. I played it for a tiny bit last week (but forgot to mention it) with the lovely Ian Dickson and Lydia Ellery, containing the usual hijinx that makes GTA Online so awesome with friends.

Been dipping in and out of in very small bouts since. Now to actually get more PSN friends who actually own it on PS3 to come play with me.

Also, this week, The Elder Scrolls Online beta, but I am NDA’ed on it so can’t talk about it. I also downloaded Outlast on PS Plus, but I’m never going to play it because I’m such a fucking pansy. And I downloaded League of Legends, which probably feels about time for, though I’ve yet to touch even DOTA 2 let alone LoL (to all who read this: make sure Emily Gera does not see this).

And that’s that. See you next week. It’s The Last of Us: Left Behind week!

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