“Don’t go.”

It’s the week in games! Here’s what happened.

tlou lb 2The Last of Us: Left Behind

I’m going to write some more detailed and spoilery thoughts on Left Behind today and hopefully publishing them today or tomorrow, but for now, The Last of Us; Left Behind is absolutely worth checking out. It isn’t the emotional rollercoaster the main game is – I only welled up once at the end – but it does show more of Ellie’s innocence than the game itself (something I alluded to last December) and expands on her friendship with Riley, something detailed in comic American Dreams and the end of the game itself.

There’s much more to talk about Left Behind at length (including *THAT SCENE*), but that’s to be saved for later. But as is, Left Behind is something that you should check out.

ssx trickySSX Tricky

Playing on a PS2 controller without a d-pad is painful. Just saying.

castlevania los 2Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

I wasn’t very good at that demo, was I? If you thought that was bad, you may want to tune in on February 25 for what will surely be more hilarity.

And that’s the main meat. I also played a tiny bit of Left 4 Dead 2 but the computer became a massive prick, crashed, wouldn’t let me play Steam again for the rest of the day. I wish I could also say I’ve been playing Titanfall, butΒ unable to because of this.

And that be that. Until next week!

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