I took an arr-oh shut up, Cullen.

elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online is now in beta and Bethesda finally took away the non-disclosure agreement at long last. I was not able to play the first beta thanks to the PC being a bit of a prick, but it seems to be holding up long enough for the second beta.

However, I enjoyed what I played of the MMO at Eurogamer Expo, though there is massive skepticism from many writers – myself included – as to whether it’s worth buying it for £50 plus a £10 sub per month.

Nonetheless, stream time! I will be playing TES(C)O from the beginning at around 4pm (about an hour’s time as of publishing this post anyway) on PC so stay tuned for that. If the PC holds up long enough, I may go longer than the typical 90 minutes.

But that’s not all! I have a few codes to give away on the stream so if you want in, I’ll be picking winners at random in the stream chat to get the codes throughout the stream. No massively set criteria in winning a code, just away about the game. I’ll award codes at the end of the stream.

See you at 4pm!

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