Alan Wake Bakes A Cake (he doesn’t).

Well, Game Club is on, as announced a while back. To kick us off, it’ll be a game that is, personally speaking, one of my favourite games of the last-generation in the form of Alan Wake.

Released in mid-2010 for Xbox 360 and early 2012 for PC, Remedy’s episodic-structured effort was heavy on the story with a serious inspiration tied to Twin Peaks. Sam Lake had penned something intriguing, something mysterious, but an absolutely enthralling story throughout.

Game Club discussion will begin next week, May 8, as we discuss episodes 1 and 2 of the game on Google+. Joining me will be Emily King (Nerds Assemble). That said, I hope to have some other guests with me for it, though those are TBA (if you’re interested, give me a nudge on Twitter or drop an email via Contact Me). We’ll be progressing two in-game episodes per week (each episode is 90 minutes each) until we reach the DLC specials, The Writer and The Signal, at the end of May.

To play along with us, you’ll – obviously – need a copy of Alan Wake. You can play along either on Xbox 360 or PC. You can start now if you wish and get ready for discussion come the first episode next Thursday.

You can join the discussion through Twitter using the hashtag #GameClub (I feel dirty) as well as the Google+ chat (here’s the link for the hangout).

As always, any feedback you have, you can reach me on Twitter, Contact Me page above or in the comments below. Can’t wait to get going!

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