Wow, so watching, much dogging (very perv).

watch doges

The game that wowed many at E3 two years ago is now finally out in the wild, more or less. Tomorrow, Ubisoft officially releases its biggest new IP since Assassin’s Creed (with a few maybe getting today – or already before today), one which it’ll be hoping will achieve status on par with its bigger Ubisoft Montreal brother series. And with it being the most pre-ordered new IP in the company’s history, that feat isn’t as far off as you think.

Tomorrow, Watch Dogs launches.

It’s been a long journey for the new Ubisoft Montreal IP. After that incredible E3 reveal nearly two years ago, the game’s seen accusations of downgrades as well as the unfortunate delay of the game just weeks before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will have hurt all parties involved considering how much Watch Dogs was used as the best example of next-generation gaming. Not to mention, doubts it could go up against a little game before it called Grand Theft Auto V. Never forget.

But even despite all those, I’ve still been massively looking forward to Watch Dogs a lot since that E3 reveal and which only grew after its PlayStation Meeting demo last February. In fact, Destiny aside, it’s my most anticipated game of the year. So in honour of that, I’ll be doing a nine-hour stream of the game tonight from 1am BST on PlayStation 4 (I have done this before, ya know?).

I’ll also be streaming simultaneously on both Twitch and YouTube respectively, so you’ll have a platform of choice to watch and comment on. I’ll have both chat windows up and if there’s any particular thing you want to see in the game, drop a comment on either and I’ll try and do it (Nope, turns out I don’t have the bandwidth to try it so I’ll only be streaming it on Twitch. I’ll have an eye on the chat and Twitter, though). You can also let me know via Twitter @JohnnyCullen.

But not just that. As soon as the stream wraps up, tomorrow at 9am, I’ll publish an interview I did with Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin that’ll go into finer detail about the game’s vision and thensome. You can catch that here on


See you tonight at 1am!

Update: Had to prematurely end the stream because I forgot I had a severely important personal message to do later this morning, but I will be streaming more of it later tonight no later than 7pm. In the meantime, watch what I did play of it here.

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