Don’t make me unleash a blue shell on you.


I’ve made a spreadsheet for the UK games industry to sign up their Nintendo Network IDs for Mario Kart 8. This is for all of those who work in games in the UK; be it press, PRs, developers, community managers, enthusiast writers, etc etc.

I’d keep tweeting it out, but each tweet runs out of space most of the time when trying to put in the form or the responses spreadsheet. So I’m posting this for convenience sake mainly, but to also help spread the word a bit.


I’ve also made a UK games industry room for all within it to play in. The code for it is 9218-9662-4892. I’ll be in it from around 9pm-ish tonight. The room is open for all between now and Tuesday night (closes at 11:30pm, I think).

Come sign up, join the industry room and have fun!

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