e3 2014 – trailer of the show

Trailer time. So E3 is at an end. Time for the dog and pony show of the expo, where it’s time to take a look back at some of the best things from the show. Trailers are an integral part of any marketing masterplan at E3. But make it standout and you know you’ve made […]

microsoft @ e3 2014: spencer’s first e3 as head of xbox plays it safe, but good foundation to build upon

Laying the seeds. Cullen Plays LIVE stream: “This week, we share a common purpose with our friends at Sony, Nintendo and the developers and publishers in our industry. That purpose is to showcase the passion, creativity and potential of the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world, games. And we’re here together at an […]

e3 2014 – cullen plays live: watch the on-demands

Done. And we’re done for media events. Now time for the big show itself. E3 2014 is about to get underway. Nonetheless, this year’s press conferences were wall-to-wall doozies. There was no weak bunch of the lot. And while all of them had their slug moments (some worse than others), there was still some great […]