Look, I’ve admitted on more than one occasion that I love The Last of Us a great deal. I’ve already said that it’s now my favourite game ever over Metal Gear Solid 3 as well as it being my game of the last generation and my 2013 GOTY. So I’ve nothing to prove anymore in terms of how bloody much I love that game to kingdom come. Right?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because I’ve written all I can about it on three separate occasions. But no, because I reckon there’s still a bit more to do. One more thing at least. So I’m doing that.

Last year, I did a Naughty Dog livestream for last year’s Extra Life featuring some of its games from the past twenty years across PlayStation – Crash, Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, The Last of Us – for 24 hours. While I achieved 24 hours playtime, I didn’t unfortunately do it in one go, having to split them into two sessions over the weekend.

I’ll be doing Extra Life again later this year when it all goes down on October 25 (more details closer to the time), but considering how much I love this game and how much I love this UK games industry that gave an idiot like me a shot almost five years ago and let me write about games, I’ve wanted to properly give something back for a long time. This now seems like the perfect time.

If you’re not aware of UK-based games charity GamesAid, you should be because they’ve done a great deal for games in the UK and continue to do so. You can find their remit and what they do in regards to the great initiatives they support here. They are a terrific bunch of people and what they do is incredible work.

So on Friday, August 1 from 3pm BST/10am USEST/7am USPST, I’ll be doing a Cullen Plays LIVE and streaming The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4 for a full 24-hours, all in the name of GamesAid. I’ll be livestreaming the campaign from start-to-finish (so to say there will be spoilers in regards to The Last of Us is understatement of the millennium), followed by a long stint on the game’s multiplayer suite and then to cap it off, Left Behind from beginning-to-end (spoiler disclaimer inserted here).

I was actually thinking of doing this livestream in May, as doing it on the year-long anniversary of the game’s release in June would seem a bit of a bad time to do it, at least in terms of promotion. After all, E3 was that week. But when Remastered was finally announced for release, I decided to hold off on the stream until the game’s release. That release is just over a month away in Europe, so now is the time to finally go loud.

And I’ve learnt a few lessons this time in regards to 24-hour streaming after not being able to finish my Extra Life stint in one go, having to break it in two. This time, I feel pretty certain I can go the full distance.

So what will be my total figure I’ll be aiming to raise? I only raised $100 last time for Extra Life last year (that was my set target – perhaps way too modest, but I was quite proud of reaching it), but this time, I want to go bigger, way bigger. So I want to raise £500 for GamesAid. Will I reach this by the time I wrap up on August 2? Who knows, but I hope I do. And I hope you can help in getting me there. No matter how little you donate, every penny will head towards GamesAid and the work they do for kids.



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I’m doing this because I love The Last of Us a lot, but I’m also doing it because GamesAid is a charity absolutely worth supporting. Even if you’re unable to donate, even just spreading the word will massively help. Hope to see you on August 1.

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