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[Update 2: And that’s it! Competition is over – I’v emailed the winner so this is now closed. There will be, however, more prizes to give away on the stream next week, so stay tuned!]

[Update: I’ve fixed the criteria to enter the competition: basically, it’s no longer highest donation and anyone – again, it’s a worldwide thing! – can enter if you donate a minimum of £5. Original post follows below]

On Monday, I announced that on Friday, August 1 – that’s four weeks tomorrow, basically – I’d be livestreaming The Last of Us: Remastered for a whole 24 hours straight on behalf of UK games industry charity GamesAid. That’s TLOU itself, Factions (its multiplayer) and Left Behind in the space of a day.

I have some more news for you on that. I’ve got a few cool prizes to giveaway as part of the stream, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment. I’ll be giving them away as care packages during the stream between August 1-August 2.

But with that said, I want to give a care package away before the stream. Fancy one? If so, watch the following video below for instructions plus what you could win.

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way, neat stuff to be given away, huh?

To reiterate, the care package would consist of:

+ One PS4 Last of Us livery skin
+ One Last of Us shirt (I say in the video you can pick “the shirt of your choice”, but I mean size wise (one L, two XL) – they’re all the same shirt featuring the TLOU logo)
+ Two TLOU Sackboy keyrings, one Joel and one Ellie.

So how do you win this care package? Simply, you donate to my JustGiving. It’s really that simple. Here it is so go hit that link. Basically, highest donation given donate a minimum of a fiver on the JG page before July 25 – that’s the Friday before the event itself – and a person drawn at random gets the package.

The winner will be contacted through the email address that’s tied with the donation they leave on the page.

You can be anywhere in the world to enter this, no restrictions. I’ve inserted a gallery of pictures of the prizes below. Good luck!

(PS: Ignore the “Shuhei Yoshida” contribution. That’s Gav Murphy of CVG being a silly billy. A lovely silly billy for donating, though.)

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