Off we go, again.

destiny 2

Following last month’s surprise alpha trial, which was far greater than we expected, Bungie will lift the veil off the beta for Destiny tomorrow evening.

You can see the amount of footage I gleaned off the alpha trial here, but there’s more content to come tomorrow from the beta trial in terms of more multiplayer stuff, more story stuff and thensome.

I’ll be doing a Cullen Plays LIVE tomorrow evening as the beta kicks off on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The stream will be on PlayStation 4, but I will also be taking a look at the last-gen version too for a few videos on the YouTube channel.

Then next week, I’ll be taking a look at the Xbox One version as that goes live along with the Xbox 360 version in both a CP Live and several videos on the YT channel in what will be my last stream before August 1.

Anyways, come watch along this afternoon from 1:30pm BST (estimated time) below or on See you then.

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