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Well, this is it, it’s UK release day. Feels like a long time ago since I first announced this when it’s actually only been just a bit over a month. But as of this going live, I’ll have six hours before I have to give up sleep for a day all in the name of charity. Beginning 3pm BST/10am USEST/7am USPST, I’ll be livestreaming The Last of Us Remastered for a full 24-hours on the behalf of the amazing work done by UK games charity GamesAid.

I’ll be trying to run through the game’s main story in full, followed by a very long stint on Factions (that’s multiplayer for those not well versed in the TLOU world) and then Left Behind in its entirety, all the way to 3pm tomorrow. God help me, I don’t know what’s going to hit me, even with a better indication of how to do it a lot better this time over last year’s Extra Life run.

So because I will be playing over a day without any sleep, here’s what it’ll happen.

  • Every four hours starting 7pm BST/2pm USEST/11am USPST, I’ll be taking a ten/fifteen minute break to stretch the limbs a bit and possibly grab a sandwich or something to eat in that time
  • When I need to go, I’ll go to the loo. Doesn’t matter when it happens, it’ll happen. If i need to go, I’ll go. A man has needs, damn it!
  • You’ll forgive me if you hear hissing of Lucozade bottles or I chew on the record Chipsticks as I will snack a bit during the stream.

To make up for that (a tiny bit), I’ll have prizes to give away during the stream, some of which you’ll have probably already seen here. Just watch along for more details.

In terms of schedule, here’s the plan. Bear in mind, this is based off the 11 hours gametime it took to finish the game first time on PlayStation 3 and that all this is just an estimate depending on various factors plus random events beyond my control (I won’t be rushing, by the way, if that counts for something) so things will probably (read: most likely) change.

  • (Friday) 2pm BST/9am USEST/6am USPST – One-hour countdown featuring b-roll – because b-roll is rad, yo.
  • 3pm/10am USEST/7am USPST – Stream begin/intro
  • 3:05pm/10:05am USEST/7:05am USPSTThe Last of Us
  • 7pm BST/2pm USEST/11am USPST – 10/15 minute break (and subsequently every four hours afterwards)
  • 9PM BST/4pm USEST/1pm USPST – First prize package given away (Remember: it’s WORLDWIDE!)
  • (Saturday) 2:30am-3am BST/7:30pm-8pm USEST/4:30pm USPST-5pm USPSTFactions (Multiplayer)
  • 9am BST/4am USEST/1am USPST – Second prize package given away (Remember: it’s WORLDWIDE!)
  • 1pm BST/8am USEST/5am USPSTThe Last of Us: Left Behind

Anyways, please please please watch below or on from 3pm to see it all go down.

And of course, please donate to the JustGiving page. I’m aiming to raise £500 by the end of the 24-hour period for GamesAid, with every single last penny going to them. They are a great bunch of folks who do incredible work for children and help other smaller charities with funding. Go see what they do here, it’s amazing stuff.

You can find a link to the JustGiving page below, and again to reiterate, every single last penny will go to GamesAid.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

But, I also have a bit of a secret to also come clean with (at least, it’s a secret if you don’t know me on Facebook).

Photo 01-08-2014 12 01 22

At the end of last year/start of this year, I wanted to do a piece that took a look back at The Last of Us a year on from its release. I’ve said it multiple times, but I’ll repeat it one more time here: it’s my favourite game ever (I wouldn’t be going heavy on this if it wasn’t!). And I’ll keep saying that until I go blue in the face (or when Kojima releases Metal Gear Solid 6 with The Boss as it’s protagonist to most likely become my new favourite game ever). Sadly, I didn’t think I’d be able to get that chance for numerous reasons. At least, up until the end of June.

To cut a long story short, I got the chance to write that piece. For Official PlayStation Magazine UK. I got to write about my favourite game ever for an outlet that I massively looked up to as a kid-becoming-a-teen at sec school who wanted to write about games (which I already mentioned about recently and more specifically a few years ago). Not only that, it’s my first substantial print piece. So to be able to write about that game for one of those outlets – especially when said outlet is also celebrating its 100th issue featuring that piece – means the world to me.

I spoke to creative director Neil Druckmann on trying to build the second team for a second time, the difficulties of keeping the story within reality and a lot, lot, lot more. And that wasn’t even enough! I had a massive list of questions and I was nowhere near asking them all! Curse half-hour time limits, curse them I say!

I really do hope that one day, I’ll be able to do a no-holds barred, no time-restricted chat on the game with Neil and game director Bruce Straley – who sadly wasn’t on the call – as well as Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson because there is so much I want to ask about that game. Half an hour just isn’t enough time to do it in.

(To be absolutely crystal clear and for the sake of disclosure, no matter how little it’s needed, not once was today’s stream meant to coincide intentionally with the release of the article in the magazine – I had decided long beforehand I would do this the day of Remastered’s UK release, not to mention I was offered the chance to do the piece just as the livestream was announced and after I had initially pitched this first time round in April. Basically, the article being published today is the best possible coincidence in all of time and space!)

The issue also has a list of the top 100 PlayStation games of all time (would you like to take a guess at what won it?) as well as a review of Remastered for PlayStation 4 plus other awesome things to go and check out besides looking at words on The Last of Us (some first-person bangy thing called Destiny is on the cover). Go take a look.

And after reading all of that, come back here or on to watch me play The Last of Us: Remastered for a whole 24 hours straight in the name of GamesAid, so be sure to donate as much as you can.

See you at 3pm for go time.

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