Loyalty to the end.


For the past few weeks, I’ve been organising a secret project that – with everything that’s happening right now in this industry – will hopefully serve as a reminder to why we love games (disclaimer: I kicked this off before the ongoing events, but the point still remains valid).

However, I’m still not ready to spill the details as yet on this project as it’s not quite done just yet. But what I will tell you is this: it’s a podcast (ta-da). And that’s all you’re getting, at least for another month.

Last night, I recorded an episode of said podcast with ex-Deputy Editor of VG247, Dave Cook, who’s now exited videogames journalism. You’ll hear his episode in full in a few weeks time.

However, during the course of our conversation, we went off on a big tangent to talk about Metal Gear for nearly 20 minutes. To be specific, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, theories on Metal Gear Solid 5 and how badly I want – no, need – Metal Gear Solid 6 to take place during the Normandy landings with The Boss as lead character.

Here’s how that conversation sounded, along with comment on a Boss-led MGS from Kojima back in 2012, from last night below.

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